Slowing down can be quicker.

You've been hurrying, and trying so hard, for all your adult life, and you still didn't get to where you want to.

What's the harm in slowing down a little?

Scream and shout, or cry it all out?

When things are tough and challenging, it's so much easier to get in a rage, and scream and shout.

But how would it be, to make a mental pause, and ask, "How am I really feeling right now, beneath the anger? Can I allow myself to be with that feeling?"

And how would it be to go away to someplace quiet and have a good old cry?

How would that change you?

How would it affect these same occurrences that keep on happening?

To stubbornly smile

So, how about when confronted with the events of life, be they pleasant, or unpleasant, that, instead of rolling-out your usual conditioned response, you face them with an unwavering smile, take a deep breath and just be with whatever is happening right now?

How would that be?